Glogummies - Hair Growth Candy

Introducing our latest product that includes all the vitamins your hair needs to stay healthy & fresh. Non-GMO, gluten free, gelatin free and infused with natural flavors.

Embrace your hair with Glogummies - Hair Growth Candy

Glogummies - Sleep Like a Baby

Our melatonin gummies supports a natural good night sleep and acts as an antioxidant which prevents cells damage. Formulated gummy supplements that are vegan, gluten free, gelatin free, and all natural flavors.

Sleep like a baby every night.

the only kind of D you need

Check out the benefits of Glogummies

  • anti-aging

    Vitamin D3 helps with fine lines and wrinkles – mostly through its ability to act as an antioxidant.

  • boosts energy

    Vital for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels.

  • bone & teeth protection

     Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth

  • improves immune system

    Vitamin D helps our immune systems stay balanced during the cold and flu season, and serve as a pharmacy resource.

  • Backed by doctors

    We closely work with the best dietary physicians in the country to get you your daily D. As well as keeping up to date with recent research supporting the dermal route of administration.

  • instant results

    Your vitamin D levels will display significant results within 2 weeks of use

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"Ive been sick of oral supplements everyday, this is much easier to stick on and go one with my daily routine"

" I never knew the natural route of vitamin D, this product mimics it in such a convenient way"

"was super easy to use and fun way to get my vitamin D"

"loved the packaging and sealing of the product, I can carry it anywhere and fits my tiny purse"

"My friends use it during the day, but I prefer to just apply it before I go to sleep"