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Published Research

Administering Vitamin D3 as a transdermal route have proposed to overcome its oral bioavailability, especially for people who are suffering from fat malabsorption. Research shows significant results when compared to oral administration, as well as incorporating an enhancer to allow our skin barrier to accept this mode of delivery. 

This research suggests that transdermal delivery could be an effective way for humans to receive the recommended daily dose of vitamin D3. 

2015 NCBI Published Research

doi: 10.1208/s12249-015-0291-3 



The following research presents the assessment if the transdermal delivery of vitamin D is feasible. The study shows that the formulation of vitamin D3 can safely and effectively be delivered by dermal route reducing the incidence of non-compliance of oral route.  

PMCID: PMC3976443
PMID: 24711745